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Denver Cuts City Budget in Favor of Migrants

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Denver sanctuary city AP 1182020

Cities across America are watching their budgets implode due to the migrant crisis. Instead of deporting the people who entered illegally, cities are beginning to cut their budgets to reallocate funds. So the taxpaying public are having their contributions unfairly stolen by their politicians to pay for illegal activities.

Denver is one of many sanctuary cities that is now slashing their budgets to make room for the migrants. Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced public services will be cut by $5 million, and predicts the surge of unknown residents will cost taxpayers $180 million in 2024. The news comes one month after the city redirected $25 million away from legal residents. These politicians have absolutely no scope of the true cost of paying for unemployed migrants who do not contribute to society. They refuse to address the core problem, because that would unmask the true motive behind the deliberate and calculated invasion.

Johnston and other leaders of sanctuary cities continue to blame the Republicans and Trump. Johnston cited the GOP blocking the most recent spending package as the reason for the recent budget cuts. “I want it to be clear to Denverites. Who is not responsible for this crisis that we’re in [is] folks who have walked 3,000 miles to get to this city,” the mayor said. Well, you presented your city as a safe haven for asylum seekers. The truth of the matter is that you did not expect Abbott and others to ship migrants to your door.

“Despite broad bipartisan support, I think [former President] Trump and Republican leaders saw this as a chance that if this bill actually passed, it would have successfully solved the problem facing cities and the border, and they would have rather seen it fail, so they could exacerbate these problems, extend the suffering of American people and of newcomers for their own electoral changes this November,” Johnston continued.

This is actually how these people operate as they believe spending more money, on foreign wars at that, could act as a viable solution. A child with a piggy bank has a better grip on finances. These cities refuse to admit that perhaps building a wall or simply securing the border, GOP-led initiatives, would curb the crisis. Is all of this chaos worth turning your cities blue? Biden has the authority to stop this madness at any time.

We will see more cities slash their budgets as they realize they simply cannot afford to bankroll tens of thousands of people. This will lead to increased civil unrest as Americans watch their quality of life drop as their taxes are misused for political ploys. The asinine amount of money American citizens pay in taxes should not be spent on people from foreign nations, be it on wars or migrants.