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Democrats Starting to Split Over Bernie – Is the End of the USA Near?

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Marx ten commandments socialism

One of the biggest donors behind the Democrats is Bernard Schwartz who is the CEO of BLS Investments. Schwartz has been trying to plead with Pelosi to support someone in hopes of stopping Bernie Sanders. The Democrats are in turmoil. This is what you get with the socialist agenda that boils down to publicly bribing people to vote for them for the free stuff they intend to rob with a pen from other people.

We really need a class action to be filed and taken to the Supreme Court against socialism. It is an affront to everything else the Constitution stands for. You cannot have Equal Protection of the Law if you are allowed to discriminate based on what someone earns. If it is illegal to discriminate against gender, race, or religion, then why is it suddenly OK to hate someone because they have more than you?

If the Ten Commandments prohibits socialism, then this not only violates the Equal Protection of the Law, but it violates the First Amendment and the foundation of Judaeo-Christian beliefs. When will lawyers stand up for the people and simply use GoFundMe to raise money, for surely they will not donate their time even to save their own ass.

I have written before that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to impose discrimination in tax rates. The left will immediately scream that the rich deserve to be destroyed. To them, I say go to California and separate from the rest of the country. They hate the rich but will never look at the opposite side of the coin. Why is the lifestyle of the average person declining? It is not because someone else makes more than they do. It is because the politicians are lining their pockets and then the majority of people are too stupid to figure out who really is to blame. It is like someone robs your house. You come home and they get arrested. It is not their fault, but yours because you should not have come home.

If we do not outlaw this dangerous dialog, we will see the destruction of the United States, as was the case with Russia. There will be blood in the streets, and the future of our children utterly destroyed!