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Democrats Lied About Abortion Just to Win

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Archer Army

Dick Armey is the former House Majority Leader and an Economist from Texas. He was elected to Congress in 1984,and arrived in Washington as a novice. Dick, being an economist, was a strong believer in the policies of Ronald Reagan. He was a staunch supporter of his policies, which were revolutionary for Washington. Because of his background, Dick quickly rose through the ranks of his party in Washington and became the primary author of the “Contract with America.” That was actually a collection of ten bills that would be brought up for a vote during the first 100 days of a Republican-controlled Congress.

Bill Archer served as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1970 to 2001. Bill was a lawyer and originally a Democrat who saw the light of failed Marxism and switched to the Republican Party in 1969. He later on represented Texas in the House of Representatives for 30 years, from 1971 until 2001. Bill’s last six years was as chairman of the most powerful committee, the House Ways and Means Committee.

16th Amendment TaxDick was for the Flat Tax and Bill was for the Retail Sales Tax. I found myself trying to negotiate between the two and that was the end of my effort to try to contribute in Washington and ended my naivety. I was sitting in Dick’s office and he said to me, “Marty, you know cycles.” He explained that he could not support Bill because without repealing the 16th Amendment that created the income tax, “when the Democrats get back in, we will have both.”

It was at that moment that I realized my effort was hopeless. I said: “Dick, you are right.”

An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed by a two-thirds vote of both Houses of Congress, or, if two-thirds of the States request one, by a convention called for that purpose.

There is no way the Democrats were being honest. They knew they could NEVER create a Constitutional Amendment on abortion, gay marriage, or repealing the Income Tax. Such amendments are impossible for even getting passed in the House and Senate, they  still must then be ratified by three-fourths of the State legislatures, or three-fourths of conventions called in each State for ratification.

Perhaps all the women who voted Democrat solely because of the lies they told about abortion will wake up and realize in politics, all is fair as in war. It NEVER has anything to do with truth.

Party Politics

I can run for office and promise whatever is fashionable to win. However, when you get to Washington, you are given a little greeting ceremony and then you are told that means nothing. You will be instructed what to vote for and that is why you see all these votes down party line. You NO LONGER vote for any politicians individually, you vote for the party and people in the backroom determine what will be the vote – the unelected bureaucrats.

Democracy Authorianism

So the Democrats outright lied to win. They could NEVER get abortion as a constitutional right – total BS just as repealing the 16th Amendment to end income taxes. We do not live in a Democracy for We the People have no direct right to vote on anything.


We live in a Republic which is becoming an Authoritarian Regime abandoning the foundation of civilization turning one group against another until the whole thing comes crashing down, Civilization exists ONLY when everyone benefits – not what we have today rising hatred and political arguments pitting man against his brother until mankind exists no more.