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Democrats Can’t Beat Trump With All Actors & Media on Their SIde

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Despite having Hollywood, Google, Mainstream Media, and countless violent activists, the Democrats still can’t beat Trump. They just do not comprehend what is going on. There have been four congressional special elections this year where Democrats and Republicans have gone head-to-head. The Democrats have lost every one. Even the Georgia election, which was not a special election, Mr Ossoff finished first scoring a win. California does not count for it is just too far to the left to matter anymore.

Nevertheless even Georgia’s election result was devastating to Democrats nationwide. Even with all the yelling, screaming, gory plays assassinating Trump to cheers, and Broadway plays stopping to ridicule Republicans in the audience like Hamilton in New York, Democrats should win. Even with protests, and media coverage that is so anti-Trump who has low approval ratings, according to the media, the Democrats should be able to win something if Trump is really regarded as being toxic. So what’s going on?

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When we look at the trend of the Democrats, they have been losing ground since World War II. They have been scoring lower highs and lower lows and this reflects a BEAR MARKET. This is part of the collapse in socialism coming because they just do not get it. The average person has been losing lifestyle standards ever since. The Gallup Poll has reported that 44% of Americans believe it is likely that today’s youth will have a better life than their parents. This has declined ever since the 2007-2009 in the midst of this “recovery” as they call it. In fact, this is the lowest poll on record for a trend dating back to 1983. We always thought linearly and our children would always have it better than we did. No more!

Bribe 2You just can’t keep raising taxes and yelling about the rich while secretly cutting deals and taking money under the table. Raising taxes on the rich has NEVER lowered anyone else’s taxes or improved the life of the poor even once.

The lies are coming home. People like Hillary can pretend she cares about the poor, but she fills her pockets to the brim. How do politicians enter poor and leave with countless millions? Congress can engage in insider trading because they have to write the laws and cannot be held to the same standard as the rest of us. This has applied to their families while anyone else goes to jail for 25 years. Then why do CEOs of Goldman Sachs take jobs that pay a lot less? Simple! Because they have this conflict of interest, they must by law sell their stock in GS. Because they have to by law, they get to do so tax free.

People are waking up to reality. We are at record highs for children in their 30s still living with their parents. When it comes to us low-life scum they rule, they do not respect family or God. Even in France, not even a brother-in-law can be compelled to testify against anyone in the family whereas in America children will be thrown in contempt unless they testify against a parent or one another. Government comes before everything, even your own family.

The French elections saw something astonishing. Le Pen beat every mainstream party – socialist and conservative. Put this is American terms, and imagine an election where the Republican and Democrats cannot even make it to the elections. That is what happened in France. Stay tuned. It’s coming to a theater in the USA soon.