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Democrat v Republican

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Party Politics

We are perhaps witnessing the political crisis of a life time. Our model has been projecting this crisis and I warned more than 20 years ago that the Democratic Party was in serious decline. Keep in mind that Trump effectively became a third party candidate within the Republican Party. So by no means is this a major victory for Republicans. We are witnessing the collapse of government from internal corruption gone wild. Both parties have sold their souls to the elite. Why would all the bankers and hedge funds donate to Hillary if she REALLY cared about the middle class? Politicians have lied constantly from both parties. This crisis of abuse of power trying to link Trump to Russia was a desperate attempt to win. There was no proof and that is the only reason Obama had to accept the vote.

Where we go from here is nothing but chaos. We are witnessing the meltdown of the European Parliament structure as well. This is the self-destruction of the West and the necessary element that will shift the financial capital of the world to China. So buckle up. This is by no means Democrat v Republican. This is game over. The sooner we all realize that both sides are really against the people, the better off we will be in the long-run. To save something of what we have DEMANDS we stop the partisan bickering. If you see yourself as a Democrat or Republican BEFORE being an American, you are going to end up on the short-end of the stick.