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December Marked the Largest Border Breach in US History

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The backlog at the US-Mexico border has surpassed 3 million. US Border Patrol processed over 225,000 migrants in the first 27 days of December. This does not include the thousands who bypassed the ports of entry, which in and of themselves is a complete joke as no one is required to prove their identity. American taxpayers will now fund the 3 million< new residents for the foreseeable future.

Women Trump Protest Wall

The latest House estimate states that the ANNUAL cost to support illegal migrants will be, at minimum, $451 billion per year. Trump requested a small fraction of that to build a wall and secure the border. Only those deep within the establishment understand that this is an inside job. Liberal sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago are pleading for help.


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is warning that the city is on the verge of collapsing. Every public service has been maxed out. Johnson warned that Chicago’s transportation, healthcare, and education systems have been stretched thin over the past seven months, and they simply do not know how to handle the rapid influx. On top of this we have countless stories of migrants committing violent crimes. No one knows who these people (mostly military-aged men) are or where they come from, and it presents a major issue for law enforcement.


The establishment is offering the full socialist experience to migrants. They can seek “asylum” here and receive free shelter, food, healthcare, and monthly payments. The majority cannot work in the US and are completely supported by the American taxpayer.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been at the frontlines of this invasion. No one batted an eye when the migrants were localized to Republican-led border states. Abbott implemented a state law, Senate Bill 4, which makes it ILLEGAL to blatantly ignore our nation’s laws by crossing the border. Under the new legislation, Texas law enforcement would have the ability to arrest illegal aliens and actually uphold the law. The Department of Justice (DoJ) or JUST-US is now threatening Abbott. If he does not repeal the legislation by January 3, “the United States will pursue all appropriate legal remedies to ensure that Texas does not interfere with the functions of the federal government.”

THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN! THERE IS NO PLAN TO CURB ILLEGAL MIGRATION. We now have caravans of up to 10,000 migrants arriving at the border every single day. These people are provided with more resources than our veterans or senior citizens who may rely on government assistance after a lifetime of paying into the system.



We have the resources to secure Ukraine’s border and Israel’s border. Janet Yellen said the US could absolutely afford two wars, but what about the invasion happening at home? This would not be happening if the establishment did not want to push American infrastructure to the brink. Let the nation collapse to BUILD BACK BETTER! Let them all vote too while they’re at it since that is 3 million votes for Biden, who is their ticket to an American taxpayer-subsidized life.

This will be one of the catalysts that leads the US into a civil war. State laws will become invaluable as we move toward 2032, which is why I encourage those seeking safety to move to states that align with their political ideology. The Democratic Party is beginning to divide over both illegal immigration and the Israel-Palestine war. Cities are warning that their infrastructure WILL collapse at this rate. What happens then?