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DC & a Rising 3rd Party

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QUESTION: What is a “district” ( DC ) versus a “city” versus a “state” vs a “territory”? I’m confused about the definitions used and what it means. Is DC then part of the US or does it reside on its own land like the
UN in NYC does or the land the federal reserve sits on does ( according to Catherine Austin fitts )
Thank you

ANSWER: There is a proposal to allow the District of Columbia (DC) to become a state. It is a “district” not being a state with fewer rights which was carved out of land donated to it from Virginia and Maryland. It was to be neutral among the 13 colonies to resolve the dispute about where should the capital be. It was the compromise between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson that it would be moved from New York to between the north and south at that time in return for allowing Hamilton to create a national debt. So it was not devious.

DC was not intended to be like the UN or like the Vatican within Rome. DC relies on funding from Congress. It is part of the USA despite the fact it is not a state just like all the various territories such as unincorporated territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Northern Marianas Islands, and Wake Island. There are also possessions such as  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In 2008, the Supreme Court decided in Boumediene v. Bush that Guantánamo detainees can challenge the lawfulness of their detention in federal court by filing writs of habeas corpus. The government argued that they had no right because it was not formally a territory. They lost. I seriously doubt any claim that DC is not part of the USA would be laughed out of court.

A city is merely an urban center within a district or state. People who are trying to read into this as some sort of crazy theory are really doing more harm than good. Trump has registered a third party he named the Patriot Party. This theory that Biden is not the President and Trump will storm in to take the country is absurd. Then there are others saying he will file a Writ of Quo Warranto. That is really an ancient English writ to ask by what authority Biden holds the office. Forget it. That would be dismissed as frivolous.

Trump may simply push the third party and others who are emailing claiming he is following my advice about the chaos in 2022 and a third party will emerge I do not know. I have not spoken to him directly so I cannot say if he is following our model or simply fulfilling it. We will see. But these actions negate any crazy scenario of him challenging in court or storming in with the military. Sorry – wait for the chaos of 2022. Let the Democrats destroy jobs with their return to the Paris Accord and you will see them run out of office tarred & feathered.