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Corporations Losing Their Minds

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There has been a huge backlash against Target just like Budweiser. Both boards of directors should be fired and barred from ever serving on any board or any corporation – EVER! They are engaging in indoctrination that supports changing the gender of children without parental consent. If you cannot consent to sex no matter what under the law before 18, then how can a child consent to a sex change before 18 openly denying any notification to parents?

This has gone way too far. This is no longer about equality and inclusionism. This is indoctrination and it will be remembered by historians as a critical factor for the collapse of Western society. I will NEVER buy a Budweiser product again nor anything from Target. Corporations are here to serve EVERYONE, and if they stood up and said will only vote for a Democrat or a Republican, they have entered the realm of politics. That is what is taking place here. ANY company engaging in indoctrination OF ANY KIND should be boycotted. Look at SVB. Their risk management was selected to check boxes for WOKEISM – not qualification.



Going to school and seeking degrees is no longer even important. If you do not check a box, you will not be hired in the big corporate world anymore. The WhiteHouse is bragging about being WOKE and look at the result. Qualification is now secondary.



Girls are being discriminated against in sports. Family values and traditions are to be overthrown. Those who identify as Transgender in only about 0.5% of the population. This whole movement is being pushed to also reduce the population. Mothers are now birthing people and women are no longer identifiable. As I have said, Thailand is the capital of Transgender surgery.  They even have their own theatre with “Ladyboys” performing and tourists go to watch. The difference is that they are openly accepted and call themselves “Ladyboy” and do not seek to demand everyone else call them a woman. They are NOT confrontational and they are NOT engaging in indoctrination.

We must look behind this movement as to its real purpose and who is funding this agenda for other objectives. There are people I know who are gay and are becoming afraid that they are now being lumped in with these critical transgender promotors.