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Controlled Chaos at the Border

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A border patrol agent from Uvalde, Texas, admitted that the situation at the US-Mexico border is worse than the mainstream media is reporting. The mainstream media may cause one to believe that a few desperate people in search of the American dream are crossing the border throughout the week. In reality, THOUSANDS of undocumented immigrants are entering the country every single day.

Biden’s recent media appearance to Uvalde after the tragic school massacre is the closest he has ever been to the border. His vice president, who is in charge of the border crisis, visited once solely to spite Donald Trump after he said he would visit the border to assess the situation personally.

The Del Rio area near Uvalde has experienced 236,159 illegal crossings during this fiscal year alone. The US Customs and Border Protection records state that illegal crossings continually increase every month of the year. April alone saw a high of 234,088 illegal aliens apprehended, a 12,000 person increase from March.

The Biden Administration has an open border policy at this time. During a NewsMax interview, a border patrol agent admitted that there are barely any agents patrolling the border with “skeleton staffing.” Despite lockdowns for COVID and fears of rampant disease, these illegal immigrants are not tested for illness and are often released by the masses in residential areas.

Worse, the border patrol agent interviewed said that the children in the Uvalde school massacre could have possibly believed it was another migrant running from police. He admitted that schools near the border often go into lockdown during police pursuits. “We just thought this was a normal everyday occurrence,” the agent said of the helpless children who have become desensitized to crime near the border and their school. We do not have the money or resources to protect our own children and border, but somehow send our taxpaying dollars to Ukraine by the billions.

Biden is a disgrace to America. He demanded that the border patrol agents disarm before meeting him, prompting many to turn around and go home. An off-duty border patrol agent, Jacob Albarado, heroically stormed the elementary school and eliminated the threat. He and his men should have been honored by the president instead of insulted to push this agenda to repeal 2A. This is “controlled chaos” as the Biden Administration is deliberately allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants to enter the country.