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Conspiracy Theory of Marines Invading CIA

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So far, there is no confirmation of Marines landing at Langley and storming the CIA to prevent some sort of coup. That conspiracy seems to be way over the top. MEU is the Presidents 911 force. Marines are the “President’s Own.” A MEU would be accurate if used by Trump. However, I have not seen any credible reports whatsoever. Clients even in the area report all is quiet. Yes, if this was true, there would be a media blackout. Nonetheless, if a MEU unit did land even on a Sunday, they would have made a lot of noise. That is what they do to create panic in the opposing force.

I do not believe there is any coup in the CIA. If they did try something like that, it would be a stealth assassination and a patsy would have been selected to take the blame. In the case of Kennedy, they used Oswald with a Russian connection. This time, Russia is supposed to be friendly with Trump and against Hillary. So who would be the patsy? Guess that leaves some Mexican. China and Russia would be out and Mexico is not a target of the CIA to invade.

The story of a CIA coup just has no credibility. So far, I have found no confirmation from anyone.

I do not know why people make up this sort of stuff. What is the purpose? They have created a firestorm among the conspiracy theory sites. Why? Do they just have a vivid imagination? Are they deranged? They heard one helicopter and turn that into an invasion of the CIA, which makes no sense? Then they claim it must be true and there is a news blackout. Astonishing!