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Conspiracy Theories v Pelosi Laptop

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Conspiracy Theory

You have people claiming Trump will call in the military at the last minute. That is just not plausible. The other story is that covert-ops have Pelosi’s Laptop and that reveals far more than anyone would dare to speculate. They insist that Pelosi is trying to impeach Trump because of that. She has also called the military to try to take the nuclear codes away from him.

Nancy Pelosi Impeach Trump

I am not so sure trying to impeach Trump is anything more than grandstanding.  There is not enough time left to impeach, hold a trial, and remove him from office before the 20th. She is trying desperately to demoralize not just Trump, but 50% of the country who voted for him. She is really a very nasty person. What she has done to the country for the last 4 years has been nothing but obstruction and to create division and hatred. Our sources in Washington say that now even Democrats are very angry with Pelosi and she may not have the mindless support to impeach Trump she expected. A lot of Democrats are worried about what Pelosi has done that is on that laptop.

Pence, while not someone who I expected to reject the disputed votes, also would not invoke the 25th Amendment.

Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook are carrying out the Great Purge like Stalin. They are shutting down access to people who are conservative. If there is anything on Pelosi’s Laptop, we will soon find out.

I understand a lot of people are very disappointed. When the left tries to impose their demands, they will find that the economy is still imploding making it harder to raise the taxes. Then their proposal to eliminate capital gains because they hate the rich so much, well when you sell your home that is capital gains. If you sell a house you bought for $15,000 in the 1960s and you sell it for $300,000, well that will not be taxed at 40% if they eliminate capital gains.