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Comments on the Debate

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Question Your Change to Speak

COMMENT #1: Well, unfortunately, that went pretty much as expected. I actually felt bad for Joe at one point. My parents are dealing with some level of dementia, so I know how it goes. And I can’t actually be happy, because the alternates that they would swap out Joe for are as bad or worse options. Not that I love Trump, because I don’t think he is that great either. Just the better of 2 evils maybe.
It’s becoming quite obvious that the USA is in big trouble and all of the West for that matter. Heck, the whole world is in big trouble, because I do not see it being much better anywhere else. It’s about freaking time We wake up and We The People start taking over our own authorities and jurisdictions, starting with our own respective local governments. We need to rebuild this Ourselves from the ground up and not let this Cabal keep trying to take over everything.
COMMENT #2: I was questioning you about the whole Hillary thing. You said they would hold the debates early to clear the way for Hillary. I was not a big Trump fan. Now, as you said on a recent blog, I think it is Trump vs. World War III. Russia has no interest in invading all of Europe, and for Biden to put out that claim shows how he should not be in office.