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Comey to Testify Thursday June 8th – Same Day as British Elections

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Comey arrives Comey impeacher

Comey is to testify Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He will most certainly be asked about conversations with Trump and the FBI probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. But this is the Intelligence Committee, so the focus is supposed to be about about Russian election meddling in the 2016 election while nobody will ask about the Obama Administration getting briefs from the CIA/NSA/FBI as to what Trump’s people were talking about for the campaign.

I have prepared an in-depth report on how Congress can impeach Trump. The plain truth is shocking. Congress has played the impeachment card normally for political purposes and has RARELY ever followed the constitution. They have put people on trial in the senate to impeach them after they left office just to score points. The impeachment process is perhaps the most corrupt exercise of raw power Congress likes to play.

There are so many issues circulating around Behind the Curtain that it’s just impossible to blog about this much stuff particularly when the fate of the nation rests upon the rule of law, that Congress is unlikely to follow. I have written this report in one week. It was a lot of work. It is being priced at $35 because this is important to everyone.

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