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Christine Lagarde found Guilty at Trial

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IMF chief Christine Lagarde found guilty of ‘negligence’ over huge payout to business tycoon,  but of course there is no jail time. Because of her position, the court chose not to punish her or give her a criminal record. She had faced a one-year term and a €15,000 (£13,000) fine. Many assume this is why she wanted to remain as the head of the IMF to prevent jail time. However, the questionable way the court dealt with her appears far too political and this may yet derail her from becoming the first woman ever to become finance chief of a Group of Eight (G8). An IMF spokesman said they would meet soon to consider the outcome, but the IMF previously said they stood by her that she did no wrongdoing and even this looks to be more like another political-white-wash. To rise in power to this extent means you are also exempt from the law and any accountability. Anyone else would have received one year in prison and a criminal record.