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Christian Persecutions in the US

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The Roe v. Wade repeal has led to a widespread string of attacks on Christians across the United States. Sadly, these people do not realize that blue states will remain largely unaffected by this verdict. The decision will simply be made at the state level. Persecutions against Christians are on the rise and independent branches of domestic terrorist organizations are popping up left and (not) right.

A group called “Jane’s Revenge” firebombed a pro-life center and injured two innocent firemen. Compass Care CEO Jim Harden called the current state of affairs a “pro-abortion “Kristallnacht,” referring to the night Nazis destroyed Jewish businesses and synagogues. “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you!” has been graffitied on countless Christian institutions across the country with follow-up messages saying the violence will not cease until the Supreme Court reverses its ruling.

A preacher in Seattle was recently attacked by a mob who tore his Bible to shreds. Reporter Jonathan Choe tweeted what he saw: “Seattle street preacher hanging on to construction sign, being carried out by Antifa thugs, then dropped to [the] ground. As he tried to read from the Bible, they prevented him from entering [the] area abortion rights rally was happening.”

The White House claims it is “denouncing” violence but has done nothing to protect those who are being hunted for their beliefs. Countless Democratic leaders have incited violence by asking the people to take to the streets to protest “peacefully.” Some are even calling for the dismantlement of the Supreme Court. Biden claimed that the MAGA crowd was the most dangerous organization in America, but look around. The violence will continue, and those in power are subtly, if not blatantly, encouraging the terror.

Ironically, the left opened the door for the Supreme Court to rule on what people can and cannot do with their bodies. These are the same people who believe adults and children should be banned from society if they do not receive the experimental vaccine. They wanted the government to tell us what to do with our bodies, and this is the result.