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CDC Proves it Cannot be Trusted.

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The CDC has clearly and deliberately manipulated the COVID number in Florida obviously for political reasons. They combined several days of numbers to make headlines that Flordia has more COVID cases in a single day than anyone else. Secondly, I went to take a look and I have not seen hospitals overwhelmed. A friend went to the hospital with chest pains yesterday and was turned around within 4 hours with x-rays and an EKG.

One friend whose grandson works in a hospital said many nurses have walked out refusing to be vaccinated. They have argued that they worked for a year with COVID patients unvaccinated. Now it’s a health risk?



The CDC is totally untrustworthy as is the FDA and the NIH. When Fauci is appearing in a video for Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum saying the #1 problem is not COVID, but inequality, there is just nobody to trust anymore in healthcare in DC.

I have warned from the outset, viruses mutate. They will evolve to defeat a vaccine. The Delta variant is less lethal but spreads easier. Now there is the latest Lambda mutation which is running around South America which is vaccine-resistant. This entire narrative that ONCE every last person in the world is vaccinated, COVID will be defeated and we can return to normal. This is such outrageous FALSE information that should be shut down by YouTube and Facebook but they are in bed with this very conspiracy against humanity. COVID has already infected pets and it is in wildlife. Lions have tested positive in zoos. Basis health class 101 shows that viruses that can infect animals will never be eradicated.

Panic Stock Market

What will happen to the financial markets when they wake up and realize – OMG – there will NEVER be a return to normal because COVID cannot be defeated by these vaccines! I believe it was not China nor the US military that unleashed COVID. It was set free ONLY by the people benefiting from this insanity. The sooner we have a REAL investigation, the sooner the world will wake up! Forget trying to prove the election was rigged, find the lab person who was paid to release this virus in Wuhan.