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Canadians Want Trudeau OUT

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Canadians have long been done with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his oppressive regime. The tides for Trudeau turned in a major way during the coronavirus pandemic when he did all in his power to take away the rights of Canadians. Since then, he has forgone domestic interests in favor of the globalist cabal. New polls show that Canadians want Justin Trudeau out of office permanently.

A new Ipsos poll ahead of the House of Commons summer break reflected anti-Trudeau sentiment throughout Canada. Most (68%) Canadians said that they did not want Trudeau to return to his position after the break. Those in Alberta (79%) and Atlantic Canada (76%), where his policies are decimating industry, felt the strongest about him stepping down from his role. Around 75% of Canadians said they want to see ANY other political party take over control of Canada as they have had enough of the Liberals.

Ipsos CEO Darrell Bricker said these figures are “close to rock bottom” and the lowest they have seen for the prime minister. The poll declares Conservatives should secure “a comfortable victory” with 42% of the vote, with Liberals coming in second at 24%, followed by the NDP at 18%.

On the other end, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has grown in popularity. Nearly half of all Canadians (44%), despite party alliances, have stated he is the best candidate for the job.

The next federal election will be held in October 2025. Trudeau and his administration have repeatedly declared that they would seek re-election despite the wishes of the people. The Liberals have had a grip on Canada for over three decades, but the tides may be changing.