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California’s Congresswoman Maxine Waters Calls for Trump Impeachment Because Putin Invaded Korea?

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The long list of reasons Maxine Waters says Trump should be impeached simply reflect why she is totally incapable of being anyone’s representative in Congress. She said that Putin supplied the bombs for Aleppo that killed children. First of all, that took place under Obama before the election, and it is plainly documented that it was the USA supplying arms to al-Qaida and the Obama Administration tried to distance itself when mass graves were discovered where the rebels were killing numerous people with US supplied arms. How can you impeach Trump for something that took place before the election? The mass graves were discovered December 26th, 2016.

Then, Waters says Trump should be impeached because Russia hacked the DNC and exposed all the lies the Democrats were fostering. Obama himself said Russia did not hack the voting machines. Obama  plainly said“We stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people.” Assuming Russia did the hacking of the DNC, no Democrat ever said all the emails exposing the lies were false. The hack simply showed the truth. If the Democrats keep talking about Russia hacking the DNC enough without admitting there was no hack of voting machines, they hope to make people think Russia actually changed the vote. As they say, tell the same lie many times, it becomes fact.

But the most insane part is she then said Trump should be impeached because Putin invaded Korea. Sorry, Putin did not invade Korea and if he did, the West would probably cheer if it was the North. She is just totally incompetent to serve in Congress. You cannot impeach a president for something he may have done prior to office. She confuses her timelines and obviously has no sense of geography. This is the quality of people California sends to Washington along with Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. California, it’s time to clean house with regard to who you send to Capitol Hill.