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California – Just Hopeless

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Newsom California

As expected, California has voted not to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom and ABC News has been reporting that 67% of electors in Tuesday’s special election are against recalling the Democratic governor. I do not think anyone was seriously expecting California to ever go against a democrat no matter what they do. Just look at Pelosi. While blaming Trump for dividing the country, there is no better person in DC who is dividing the country more than Pelosi. She even has some Democrats concerned based on reliable sources. Anyone who really thought California would EVER recall a democrat was still California Dreaming.

Then California sends Adam Bennett Schiff to Congress who is best known for pushing the fake Steele Dossier that was paid for by Hillary. California deserves to be the highest taxed state for it is reaping what it has inflicted upon the nation Pelosi & Schiff – two of the most toxic people of the Hill. Pelosi’s husband pulls off amazing trades scoring $10 million on Microsoft coincidently when it wins government contracts. Then Pelosi, pretending to be a mother of five and a Catholic, is pushing for government-paid abortions which is Gates’ agenda making it a TOP priority. Like Gates’ father, it will no doubt target the minority communities because Pelosi cares about women’s rights, or reducing the population? Texas law said once there is a heartbeat, no abortion for that then becomes murder. In Connecticut, if someone assaults a pregnant woman causing the death of a child before birth, they want to call that murder. Pelosi’s response:

“I say that as a mother of five children, and I respect everyone’s decision, their personal decisions. But that’s why we have to give them the ability to make those decisions. It’s really kind of sad,” Pelosi said. “But nonetheless, people know now what the challenge is, and many of the women who will be disadvantaged in this are women of color and poor women and the rest.”

Finestein Pelosi

There were many pushing for a California Separatist Movement if Trump was elected back in 2016 and again in 2020. Looking at the politicians they send, including Diane Finestein who called Snowden a traitor, there are many who look at California and say – Please go, and take your toxic politicians with you!