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Biden’s First Press Conference – Oh Boy!

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Biden Cheat SHeet Press

Biden Cheat SheetsBiden is not competent to be President — plain and simple. During his first press conference, he had cheatsheets and only took questions from journalists who already agreed to never expose the truth. He had photos of all those in the room and the ones who were marked (see New York Post).

Bidens cue cardsHe is desperately trying to appear to be competent. No president has ever looked this incompetent and it is the real reason he is not visiting the borders. It is highly debatable if he will ever meet face to face with the heads of state unless they come to the United States.

Here is a photo of his answers. All he is doing is reading the cue cards, and EVERYTHING is scripted. For all those people who hated Trump, I knew what they were doing. Ever since Bush, Jr., the bureaucracy has gained the power to run the country. Those in charge are never elected, and most of the time, we will never even hear their names. I have stated many times that this was never an election of Trump v Biden. This was a coup that was set in motion to take over the United States to impose their will by any means possible. Just as Cheney ran the government as defacto president under Bush, and you don’t see him running around giving speeches, they are loving this power under Biden.

Trump was a hands-on president because he thought he would actually run the country like a corporation. He was naive. The loyalty is never to a president; it is to the swamp. That is why Trump had to go. They did not want any outsider playing in their sandbox. Who is really running the country is debatable. Under Bush, Jr., it was Cheney. This time, it’s not even Harris. We are dealing with the dark forces behind the curtain. After these pictures, you can bet nobody will ever be allowed to take photos from these angles ever again.