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Biden’s $6 Billion Gift to Iran

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The Republicans condemned Biden for providing Iran with a $6 billion ransom in exchange for hostages. “This decision will be extremely deadly. Biden is giving $6 billion to the world’s leading sponsor of state terrorism,” Trump said, promising that the funds would be used for immediate violence and to enhance Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The least patriotic president in history provided Iran with the funding on the anniversary of 9/11. He left countless people behind in Afghanistan, but we are to believe he paid $6 billion for the release of five US citizens? This was a mass set up by the neocons to begin the next World War.

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We know with direct proof that Biden has received illegal funding from foreign nations. He once accidentally admitted that he has “sold state secrets.” Biden fails to provide his own citizens with humanitarian aid, an excuse that is a direct lie. As Senator John Kennedy once said, “We should let our enemies hate us for free.”  The destruction we witnessed over the weekend is a preview of the destruction to come. Ted Cruz and others believe Biden has been in bed with Iran and exchanging nuclear secrets. “President Biden has established a secret nuclear deal with the Iranian regime that is being kept from Congress and the American people. Today’s news confirms there has already been a side deal including a $6 billion ransom and the release of Iranian operatives,” Cruz wrote in a statement.

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Iran provides at least $100 million annually to Palestinian militias, including Hamas. It is no coincidence that the attacks occurred less than a month after this massive money transfer. But wait, is Israel not our ally? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not pleased. “Israel’s position is known, according to which arrangements that do not dismantle Iran’s nuclear infrastructure will not stop its nuclear program and will only provide it with funds that will go to terrorist elements sponsored by Iran,” his office said. Yet, Israel knows that the US and the rest of the Western world will also provide them with a blank check. They fear Iran becoming a nuclear power, but they want Palestine wiped off the map entirely.

The Biden Administration has funded both sides of the Palestine-Israel war. Known Neocon Blinken went on a press tour to insist that the $6 billion surrender did not fund Hamas. The truth is that the Neocons have ignited the flames of war in both Ukraine and now Israel. They have been EAGER to start a global conflict. They may be surprised at what is to come. The computer states that the Neocons and the globalists will not succeed. That leaves all citizens as cannon fodder for their war games. This does not please me, but the computer is expecting major conflict in 2024, and again, this is only the beginning.