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Biden & the Ukrainian Corruption – But Who Cares?

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The Senate Republicans have released a long-anticipated report that details Joe Biden’s alleged conflicts of interest when he was vice president and his son, Hunter Biden, was making millions with sweetheart business deals in Ukraine, Russia, and China. The report states that it wasn’t clear whether Hunter Biden’s lucrative appointment to the board of the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, actually affected the U.S. policy carried out by Biden. At least based upon Biden’s own comments, this has raised serious issues for some time.


Nevertheless, this document has cast new light on the Bidens’ suspicious business dealings. Democrats will never be moved by this any more than they were with Hillary’s brother getting a mining contract in Hati when he was not a miner.

The level of corruption in Washington with family members hauling in millions has been standard operating procedure. It’s more than a swamp — it’s an ocean. Die-hard voters never seem to care.