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Biden Takes the First Ballot

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Biden election 2020

Biden won the nomination with the write in ballots. On the surface, this would negate Hillary coming in for the rescue. Nevertheless, there are those who still hold out hope that Biden will slip or fall or do something that gives the Democrats the excuse to call him incompetent. Some argue Hillary should take the VP and become the next Dick Cheney because Biden is no more competent than Bush Jr. ever was to hold office. These may be wild dreams now that are vanishing into thin air.

Because the Democrats allowed mail-ins, the rumor is a lot of non-Democrats sent in votes for Biden to make sure he is the candidate. That’s an interesting question for that is what they were doing to make sure Trump was the nominee in 2016 because they thought he would be easy to beat. Perhaps, what goes around comes around.

Still, there is a lot of dissent inside the Democratic Party. The Bernie followers are pitching to write in his name and refuse to vote for Biden. The chaos going into November is not going to be negated by this event of Biden gathering enough votes for a first ballot.

There is clearly a rising anti-government movement on a global scale. The people are not going to settle for another lockdown. Yet the Democrats will still use the Virus as their #1 issue and then the riots as #2. Traditionally, you have 40% who will always vote Democrat and 40% who will vote Republican. There is a growing body of independents who will not vote party-lines. This will make things most interesting for November.