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Biden Says There are 54 States – not 50 – Get with it folks!

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Biden siging order

President Joe Biden has once again raised the question if he is mentally competent to lead the nation as he pushes us into World War III. At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, Biden declared that there are “54 states” in the United States despite the fact that there are only 50. Obviously, since Democrats reject any claim about his mental capacity when he signs whatever they put in front of him, so he must be assuming Ukraine is a state given all the money he sends them, Britain, and Germany for they do whatever the US instructs them to do, which merely leaves the 4th being a mystery.

Someone should stick a resignation there for him to sign and appoint António Guterres, the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations, as our new president and then tell him it was a joke and watch what happens. I bet the UN troops will seize the White House in less than 1 hr.