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Biden – No More Questions

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Everyone in the press is starting to notice that Biden is being handled. His staff immediately shuts down any questions, and he walks off the stage when questions come. Rumors are starting to circulate that he has totally lost it, and his state of dementia is so bad they no longer can allow him to take any questions.



This clip is an example of his cognitive decline. There are deep concerns that he really should be removed from office, but they have the perfect puppet who will do whatever they say. He is the perfect candidate to allow foreign powers to run the United States. I fear this is why our computer is showing a Panic Cycle in politics for 2022.

Confidence in Government

We must understand that from a market perspective, EVERYTHING hinges on confidence in government. A collapse in confidence is what really caused the hyperinflation in Germany. For example, after December 1922, the government confiscated 10% of all assets. Hyperinflation is not caused by printing money, as that is the result of the collapse. So do not listen to those who talk about the collapse of the dollar. There is no other country that is not in the same boat.

Sinking Boat

When the majority figures out that they are doing this BECAUSE the governments can no longer function under Keynesian economics, that is when everything will go nuts!