Biden is Not President

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COMMENT:  Hello Mr. Armstrong,

as to the below “Blog/ Corruption”

…. and then there is Canada – the next door neighbor … who could have avoided a North American oil crisis …

but it’s Pipeline was shut down by Biden to spite Trump …. but no mention of this any-wheres … (not here either !?)

…Biden preferred to go begging to the Arabs rather than deal with Canada …



REPLY: Liz Truss just resigned for she finally understood that being the head of state does not mean you have real power. I know certainly that the Globalists behind the curtain reversed her policy and she has resigned simply because she finally realized that Britain is run by a dark sinister force that is connected to the WEF.


Joe Biden is no more President than Liz Truss was the Prime Minister of Britain. Not only do we not live in democracies, but we also do not even live in actual Republics. We live under an Oligarchy and make no mistake about it, they are calling the shots. The Build Back Better slogan was launched at the WEF. NEVER in the history of human civilization have we EVER seen all the world leaders adopting that very same slogan. We are on the path to 2032. We need to start thinking about what new form of government we must create. Our current version will collapse by 2028.


They put me in prison to try to stop the forecasts. That didn’t work. When the Crash came in 2007, they were calling it Armstrong’s Revenge. That is when members of Congress were coming to me asking for help even when the corruption of NY thought they silenced me. They can kill me if they want. That will now stop the collapse of their agenda. They are doomed.


So as the old Rap-Song went, Will the Real Slim-Shaddy Please Stand Up – it should be revised to Will the Real President Please Stand Up.