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Biden Ahead in Polls?

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Joe Biden is surpassing rival Donald Trump in the polls by 7x, but not in America. Ukraine is eager to see a Joe Biden re-election as he is the only candidate who wants to continue sending the country billions upon billions in funding.

The Counteroffensive/Kyiv International Institute of Sociology conducted the first poll questioning Ukrainians on their view of the next US election. Around half (46.7%) of respondents said they wanted Joe Biden to remain in the White House compared to only 6.5% who want to see Donald Trump reinstated. A bit over 20% said they had no opinion on a foreign election, while 17.6% neither candidate deserves to be president.

Donald Trump and RFK Jr. are the only candidates who want to end the war. It seems that the propaganda of Putin overtaking all of Ukraine before moving his sights on Europe has worked. We heard Joe Biden during the last debate declare that Putin wanted to overtake Ukraine entirely. Biden then unabashedly claimed Putin would then set his sights on nearby Poland, Belarus, and other Eastern European nations. He repeatedly mentioned “Article V” and how an attack on one would be an attack on all. Joe Biden has been prepared for the coming world war.

Biden Trip to Ukrain Feb 20 2023

On the other hand, Donald Trump is convinced he could end the war before his first day in office. He has dubbed Zelensky the greatest salesman in history, crediting him for his cutthroat business dealing with foreign nations. Trump reiterated that Europe has more to lose than the US and does not believe the nation should be propping up NATO. Trump has not said exactly what he would do to end the war, but Putin himself has provided two conditions for a truce: 1) return the Donbas region, and 2) prevent Ukraine from joining NATO.

NATO had never been keen on inviting Ukraine to join the alliance and recently told Ukraine it is far too corrupt to join the partnership. The entire NATO alliance is a scam that has not prevented conflicts but rather forced unaffiliated nations to sponsor death and destruction. NATO is a useless alliance, a waste of countless resources that the US does not have to spend. As for returning traditionally Russian lands, what gives Western nations the authority to act as the judge and juror? The US cannot meddle in every conflict. What’s worse is that the West laid out the foundation for peace in the Minsk Agreement by stating that those in traditionally Russian areas would have the right to vote. All trust evaporated when former Chancellor Merkel admitted that was a rouse to buy Ukraine time.

Ukrainians cannot even elect their own president as Zelensky revoked that right. He has locked up his opposition, as Biden is attempting to do. Americans likely would have no opinion when asked who they wanted to serve for presidency in a foreign nation. One would hope that Americans would choose the candidate who wants to serve America first rather than Ukraine.

It is telling that these polls are being conducted as foreign influences have penetrated the US electoral process and public opinion. Dispelling the myth that Putin wants to conquer the world may change public perception but it seems a bit too late. Will Zelensky one day end up like a Mussolini figure once the people realize he has sold out his country? Time will tell.