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Biden – Admits He is a Puppet

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COMMENT: You are just anti-Democrat and always against Biden.


Biden Puppet Master

REPLY: Sorry, you are so biased you cannot look objectively at anything. When Biden utters the phrase “I’m deviating from the script, and I going to get in trouble” don’t you understand that someone is scolding him if he speaks his own mind? I’m sorry. That is irrefutable evidence that he is nothing more than a puppet.

You obviously do not care who is really calling the shots. So far, these people behind the curtain using Biden have destroyed the world economy by corrupting SWIFT, the sanctions on Russia have only divided the world economy ending globalism. Then they have the audacity to threaten China that if they supply arms to Russia there will be sanctions against them. All of this is when the US is supplying arms to Ukraine. They have transformed the USA from the policeman of the world to the arrogant world dictator.

There was the One China policy and the Biden administration has abandoned decades of peace ensuring now that China has no choice but to invade Taiwan or appear subservient to the United States. Then these people have NATO expanding opening in Japan to spread their version of world peace by bombing the hell out anyone they dislike exercising their dictatorial power. NATO is now the greatest threat to Europe. The only country that sees this is France. NATO will destroy all of Europe.

Neocon 1

So feel free to vote for Biden if you are over 70 and have no family members then you will not be drafted which may go up to 65 years old this time and include girls. Otherwise, a vote for Biden will be a vote to send your children or grandchildren to die on some foreign battlefield all for the glory of the NEOCONS. The United States is in the midst of a coup. The NEOCONS are in full control – their dream has come true. A vote for Biden is a vote for the NEOCONS. Vote for RFK, Jr. but not Biden if you care about your country. Biden is the patsy. He is not making these decisions.

Hoover J. Edgar

You have no idea how this works. For nearly 50 years, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972) amassed secret files on America’s most prominent figures. He then used those files to blackmail and smear presidents and politicians. You did what he ORDERED or he would use the dirt on you to end your career or imprison you as they are doing to Trump right now. The NEOCONS have done that to Biden and his family. He does what he is told – OR ELSE!