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Biden Abusing the Law to Terminate Project Veritas

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The Biden Administration has shown its TRUE political colors. They have asked the judge in Project Veritas NOT to appoint a Special Master to oversee what the Justice Departed is really doing. They are not looking for a diary. They have seized everything and trying to destroy any such investigation into their own corruption using COVID. This is a complete violation of the First Amendment. Those in the Biden Administration keep showing that this is really an American coup to overthrow the Constitution at the instigation of questionable theories and origins.

Meanwhile, California teachers are deliberately trying to indoctrinate 7th-grade children into being gay. Reliable sources have been warning that this is part of the effort to reduce the population by encouraging LGBTQ relationships. I have hired gay people. They have the same rights as everyone else. But when teachers are trying to recruit 7th graders, this is something tax dollars should not be used in this covert movement.

Is there any wonder why 70% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction”? I do not think the majority of people who voted for Biden had this in mind.