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Awesome Putin – Russian Solders Appear in Ukraine

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QUESTION: Hey Marty,

Don’t you think that Obama has played Ukraine right? In my opinion, he has done the right thing by not going anywhere near a “putting boots on the ground” scenario.

I can not help but think that the hype is completely wrong about Putin only getting involved in Ukraine because he views Obama as weak. I think Putin expected the OPPOSITE. That Obama would be forced to act to not look weak. And this would have given Russia the excuse to dramatically scale-up its own involvement.

But the above scenario did not play out as Putin had anticipated and now he is stuck in no man’s land, looking like an odd-ball who has to resort to pathetic tactics – like hiding his troops’ involvement in Ukraine by having them dress up as boy scouts with guns etc.

For this, it pains me to say, don’t you think that Obama has OUTPLAYED Putin by not taking the bait and calling his bluff?



ANSWER: The CIA has its hand everywhere. That does not mean it has an operating strategy that is any better than the administration of the VA healthcare. The CIA plot story traced directly to Russia and that disarmed Obama. It was brilliant. Unlike these people who pound their chest with nothing but opinion, I have direct contacts in all regions of Ukraine as well as Moscow. I do not speculate with opinion nor do I need to pound my chest to sell anything or to get people to read. It has always been Socrates that people come for timing.

What appeared here in this blog on Ukraine was well ahead of the news and there was a lot I did not repeat for fear it would compromise my sources. I even had brave people getting photos standing with Russian “tourists” and pretending they supported them to get pictures to confirm what I was reporting long before it hit the internet.


Kiev Golden Gate - r

Putin’s interest in Ukraine was (1) the majority of its pipelines for gas to Europe go through there and the whole Syrian issue was about trying to get a pipeline to Europe to compete with Russia, and (2) Ukraine to Russian was sort of mother country and it was the largest of the Eastern former Soviet provinces. The Golden Gates of Kiev stand for that image of history. This is not over since the fat lady remains silent just yet.

Putin was well aware that Obama could not put boots on the ground – he is the one who worked hard to ensure that outcome. That American public resistance to war emerged with Syria. Putin even lobbied Congress directly on the Syrian issue to disarm Obama right then and there. He brilliantly created a dialogue with Syria and promised all chemical weapons would be turned over because that was never the issue. It was always the pipeline, which I also reported well before the press.

Putin brilliantly initiated the CIA plot story to prevent direct support for Ukraine on the ground. This was the same strategy he deployed in Syria. He is the puppet-master, not Obama. That CIA propaganda worked absolutely brilliantly for the buzzword on the internet was the conspiracy crowd loved the story and spread it like a virus. Even respected writers started chirping that Russian propaganda. It was as brilliant as the propaganda moves of World War I and II. The American people were tired of endless wars. Obama’s bullshit on Syria how he cared so much about innocent people being gassed but made no effort to help Ukrainians because there was no monetary gain demonstrated the American propaganda machine. Yet the press buy this nonsense and the conspiracy crowd never saw anything they could not spin with an opinion.


Men Green 300x1024


Putin’s Russian “tourists” (Russian soldiers) with guns was another brilliant move. This photo is original and I cropped it to take out our source, Putin accomplished his goal without invasion. Why was that important? Ukraine was not Latvia or Estonia. It was the third largest nuclear power behind the US and Russia. It had 45 million people and an invasion would have blown the cover of the CIA stories and risked that Europe might have to defend itself. Ukraine could have easily slipped into a long resistance because Ukrainians do hate Russians for the treatment they suffered under Stalin.




Most people have heard of the Holocaust and the death of 6 million Jews, but they have never heard of the 7.5 million Ukrainians who died in the Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомор, “Extermination by hunger” or “Hunger-extermination”; derived from ‘Морити голодом’, “Killing by Starvation”). We saw pictures of the destruction of statues of Lenin in Ukraine but have no idea of the feelings behind those acts. The Holodomor was a man-made famine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1932 and 1933 that killed up to 7.5 million Ukrainians. During this deliberate famine, which is also known as the “Terror-Famine in Ukraine” and “Famine-Genocide in Ukraine”, millions of citizens of Ukrainian SSR, the majority of whom were Ukrainians, died of starvation in a peacetime catastrophe unprecedented in the human history. Ever since 2006, the Holodomor has been recognized by independent Ukraine and several other countries as a genocide of the Ukrainian people. We never hear about this because they do not have a Ukrainian Defense League nor is it in Western history books. And these conspiracy idiots claiming this was not a grass-roots uprising and just a CIA plot are puppets of Russian propaganda with ZERO personal knowledge about events – just opinion. These are the people who will have a lot of blood on their hands and to Ukrainians that are indistinguishable from those who claimed the Holocaust was fiction. They have an opinion with no personal experience.





Putin played Obama perfectly, not the other way around. Putin got Eastern Ukraine without appearing like Hitler. The IMF tried to push Ukraine into war with Russia suddenly linking aid to holding the East. But Putin’s CIA plot worked brilliantly. I have direct contacts in Moscow that confirmed that was the strategy.

I do not see Putin thinking Obama was weak, he deliberately set that stage and made every effort since Syria to prevent boots on the ground type of confrontation. Putin is not interested in World War III. He is interested in expanding Russia for big is powerful to him. He is doing everything to out-stage Obama and Europe. I have to say Putin is doing a brilliant job. Putin is flexing his muscles, and he knows Europe is crumbling into dust at his feet. This is why I said I saw no direct confrontation before November 2014. It will be the decline in the economy that forces more direct confrontation.