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Attributing All-Powerful Ability to CIA is not Warranted

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Midan Baracaids Ukraine

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You seem to be the only reliable source on these machinations of Russiagate. There are those who say that the neoconservatives used Ukranian politicians financed by Washington to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine and to put in office a government hostile to Russia. The intent was to use Ukraine, a Russian province for more than three centuries, to create problems for Russia that would absorb Russia’s attention and return a free hand to Washington and Israel in the Middle East. The neocons rejected the Crimeans actually voted to reunite with Russia when they were ethnic Russians. It seems they spin conspiracies to further Russiagate. Can you shed any light?

Thank you so much



Men Green 300x1024ANSWER: Let me explain something. I have many friends in Ukraine. I had personal friends on the barricades. Here is a photo of a Russian soldier we published before there was an acknowledgment that there were Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine. It was taken by a friend who asked if they were there to protect them and asked if they could take a picture. I cropped out my friend.

I had many people on the ground. The revolution was the people against Yanukovich. He was really from the East and could not even speak proper Ukrainian. He and his sons were oligarchs and they were shaking down businesses. The people rose up against the corruption – plain and simple.

Maidan Dec 2013The CIA and European powers ENETERED to hand pick who they wanted to lead the nation. The people were told that if they rose up again, they would not be supported by the West.

The CIA and neocon could not create that revolution. They took advantage of it, but they could not create it. The language map shows clearly that Donetsk and Crimea were predominantly Russian. All these conspiracy theorists twist things around and do not accept that sometimes things happen on their own. We are witnessing massive demonstrations now in Romania for the very same reasons. These are not CIA plots. The people are rising up against government corruption everywhere. Even in China, Xi came to power to cleanse China of corruption. I had a friend in Donetsk who reported to me when Russian tanks came down the street.

Not everything is a CIA plot. These people give WAY TOO MUCH credit to people who lack that sort of all-powerful status. They have insulted the Ukrainian people who they regard as mindless fools incapable of standing up for their rights. There were snipers on the roofs killing people on the barricades. There has never been any prosecution of such people.