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Anyone who Thinks Biden will Represent Everyone is Going to Have a Rude Awakening

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AOC Trump Supporters

AOC Trump Supporter lists


George 1778 Tory Confiscation Note 1024x613

They are already assembling lists of Trump Supporters which is about 50% of the population. During every Revolution, they have ALWAYS gone after the opponents and tried to kill them or sized everything they ever owned. Here is a Georgia note from 1778 which is backed by assets seized by those who supported the king during the American Revolution.

During the French Revolution, they confiscated all the property of aristocrats, beheaded them, and also confiscated the land owned by the Catholic Church. In fact, Pope Pius VII, was held prisoner at Savona near Genoa by Emperor Napoleon I beginning in 1809, and was eventually cruelly dragged over the Alps, in precarious health, to Fontainebleau in France in 1812. Napoleon demanded the surrender of all Papal States in Italy to France thereby confiscating the wealth of the Church as well.

The hatred already starting to surface from the Democrats is very serious. It shows that there is no way the country will EVER heal and ultimately there will be no choice but to watch the country fall into civil war.

Alexander Soros Tweet Harris

The amount of money that has poured in from these billionaires trying to take over the country and hand all power to the United Nations is just unimaginable.  George Soros set up his son to funnel money into the Democrats to achieve his open society of a one-world government.


Dont let me vote for Biden if I die

They think they have orchestrated a major coup, but still, the popular vote with all the shenanigans from dead people voting to the CIA/NSA Hammar interfering in the election reached only 50.5%. That is among the lowest in modern history and it is NOT a mandate to now go on a purge as AOC is advocating. This will be remembered for generations in the history books.

Evening Standard

As emails are coming in from around the world, the vast majority as saying the same thing that read on banners flying over England – “World Knows Trump Won.”