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Biden’s Secret Flights Responsible for NYC’s Migrant Crisis

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New York fell years ago. Their courts are the most corrupt in the nation, businesses have fled with their tax dollars, taxes continue to rise, housing is unaffordable, and crime is rampant. New York needs new leadership. Eric Adams continues to blame Republicans like Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the migrant crisis that has toppled budgets and surged the city’s population by over 150,000.

But one of his own is responsible for sending migrants directly to the Big Apple.

Governor Abbott of Texas has sent around 37,000 migrants to NYC on buses. His reasoning has been that New York claimed it was a sanctuary city and had leadership that strongly supported open border policies. None of the blue states or cities cared much about open borders until the migrants appeared in their towns.


Yet, Joe Biden is responsible for the open border policies and the entire crisis. As for New York City, the Center for Immigration Studies unveiled that the Biden Administration has secretly flown in countless migrants to New York from foreign airports. Estimates now state that Biden is directly responsible for flying 33,000 undocumented migrants to NYC – 22% of the city’s migrant population.

Biden has signed off on flights from foreign nations that brought over 386,000 illegal immigrants to America since January 2023. Congress has not authorized these treasonous, unconstitutional actions. The“CHNV Program” or the “Advanced Travel Authorization Program” allows ANYONE in a foreign nation to apply to enter America on one of Biden’s tax-payer-funded flights. A separate program, as reported by the NY Post, has smuggled 420,000 migrants from 100 different nations to the US.

Republican governors have been issuing warnings that go ignored. “They don’t give us any information on it. They are not coordinating with state government at all. If they throw six people on a commercial flight coming from a foreign country, there’s no acknowledgment at all to state or local authorities. That’s just a fact,” Florida’s Ron DeSantis said in a press conference earlier this month. Abbott has tried to implement border controls to no avail. The physical US-Mexico border does not matter much when the POTUS is sending these migrants to America on commercial flights.

The current administration has waged a war on the American people. The number of illegals now outnumbers the number of people in the US military. This is an extremely dangerous situation that will continue to worsen unless Biden and his regime are forced to abide by US law.