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A Political Disaster – 2024 will be Worse

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Sieg Heil

COMMENT #1: This is in regards to your blog labeled “Homelessness at All-Time High in World’s Wealthiest Nation.” My wife tried to get her Aunt, who has nothing but the clothes on her back, government assistant housing in South Carolina. They told us they haven’t been accepting applications for over a year. You can see for yourself on their SC assistance website.
So I’m not sure what HUD means when they praise the Biden/Harris administration….


COMMENT #2: I never voted for Trump and thought he was arrogant. But after watching how hard these people are trying to stop him, it is obvious that they are scared to death of what happens if he wins. I have two sons, 18 and 20. I do not want to see them drafted to help Ukraine. This time, I am voting for Trump to save my children.


REPLY: The mainstream press has abandoned the people. All we get is nonsense and propaganda that comes from Washington; they click their heels and say Sieg Heil! So many emails are coming in that say they never voted for or liked Trump, but now they will vote for him to shake up Washington. These people in DC have to stop destroying this country. Trump is rising in the polls, NOT because he is some saint. It is all becoming so obvious that it is a vote against Washington.

It seems like a lot of people are coming to the conclusion that a vote for Trump is a vote against Washington and, certainly, the Neocons. A Trump victory would transform Washington into a sitcom.

Deep State

Nevertheless, I think they would assassinate Trump before his hand hits the book. They cannot allow him to take office because they won’t get World War III. My concern is they intend to start war ASAP to box in Trump where he cannot exit a war they have already begun. Pay attention. NATO will be deploying more Troops on the border of Russia in Estonia and Lithuania, where they can launch an attack against Russia, whereas Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

The crisis would be the exposure of the FBI, NSA, and CIA and whether they would follow Trump’s orders. I seriously doubt that would happen. This is the Deep State fighting for its life. Maybe this is the time. We will have to see. The USA will not stand anyhow, and we are looking at the collapse of the country we grew up in because of the deep-seated corruption at every level. What the Biden Administration has pulled off in Colorado is just shocking – an absolute direct attack on the foundation of Democracy. Bideneconomics has been a disaster, and it will get a lot worse in 2024.