A Nation Divided Cannot Stand

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QUESTION: What do you think about the attack on Pelosi’s husband?


ANSWER: While the media is calling it right-wing fringe and their old standby QAnon, that is just the standby explanation. However, I would suspect that it may have been targeting him because of all the inside trading claims that have involved the Pelosis. The real problem here is that the country is becoming way too divided. Both sides are going to be at risk I fear after the election for I think you will find that neither side accepts the result. Violent attacks like this are outrageous and they will only fuel the divide even more. This is part of the civil unrest the computer is projecting and I fear this will only get worse in 2023. Politicians are supposed to represent the country – not one group pitting them against another. Unfortunately, this is just part of how empires, nations, and city-states collapse. Just look at how divided this is now. Post-2032 will look like a whole different political landscape.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” That was over slavery. This time it is over Marxism relying on climate change.