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Poland’s New Govt Pro-War & Pro-EU

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Poland 2024 Election


It’s a real crime what’s happening to the Polish people at the hands of what many see as traitors who are taking directives from foreign organizations that will take Poland into a disastrous war with Russia. Poland’s right-wing, now opposition, has called on its supporters to protest against this new pro-European Union government. Unfortunately, our political models on Poland warned that with eight years (8.6) under the Law and Justice party, they would lose, and the shift would be to the globalist agenda in last October’s parliamentary elections. The protest was called for the same day when the Supreme Court was to rule on the validity of the election in the first place.

Poland ECM 1989 2041

Based on the ECM for Poland, we can see that October 26, 2023, was a significant turning point. Unfortunately, this aligned with our war cycles and then turned into 2028. The dollar avoided any sell signals against the zloty at the end of 2023. You have overhead resistance at 4.02 and 4.20. If the low of 2023 now holds, this does not look good for Poland going forward. April will be the critical target in 2024, and we see the danger of higher volatility with a Panic Cycle in October.