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Poland You have 6hrs to Report for Duty

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Poland New Law

Several people requested a link to our report on Poland’s new law preparing for war. We could not do so at the time because the source was internal and had to remain anonymous. That news is now making the press in Poland. On January 13, Poland passed a completely radical new form of conscription card intended in the event of mobilization and during a war. The changes in this formula are significant, with the 6-hour notice and the drastic penalties for failing to report to the army in such situations clearly showing the backdrop intent for war.

Goring Herman on War

The governments of Europe are selling the nonsense that Putin wants to take Europe. The common Russian people no more want war than the average European. The common people lose everything, the elite profit, and the whole thing never solves anything. Hermann Göring was absolutely correct.

NATO North Atlantic Terror Organization

All of this is great theater, and it is a desperate attempt by the Neocons and their right arm, NATO (North American Terrorist Organization), to pull off their destruction of the world before they die. NATO fears being irrelevant and defunded if there was peace with Russia. They are opening up in Asia to instigate war with China. Trump was right – defund NATO. These people spent their entire lives consumed with hatred of communists. Communism collapsed, but they never stopped their hatred. It was Victoria Nuland who was out of power during Trump’s administration, and it was her husband who started this BS that Trump is a Dictator in the Washington Post all because he was against their never-ending wars. The Washington Post is so biased; they cheer for the end of the world just to be right.

​The Kagan family engaged in Political Hate Tactics, where you inspire hatred of an opponent to distract everyone from your own agenda. They used this against Trump, and they are doing that against Putin, all to justify their solution – the annihilation of Russia and China. It was Nuland’s leadership of U.S. support for the Maidan revolution in Ukraine. The leaked phone call where she said “fuck the EU” she was in charge she blamed on Putin tapping her line to divert what she was saying. She was the one who ordered the hand-picked interim government to start their “counter-terrorism” operation, which invaded the Donbas intentionally to force Putin to defend the Russians there. Then-Vice President Joe Biden was her patsy back then to give the Ukrainians an “at-a-boy” confirmation of her schemes. She was pressing the post-Maidan Ukrainian unelected government to start the entire civil war.