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The Collapse of Obama’s Trade Deal May Be the Start of the Split in Republicans

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The word from the Hill is very interesting. The minority conservative Republicans are starting to revolt against Boehner – the destroyer of the Republican Party. If there are two of the worst possible people we could ever have in politics, it is Obama and Boehner. The word around the Hill is that this may be the tipping-point.


Boehner John

It would be wonderful if Rand Paul came to his senses and took a Third Party spot, for Boehner will NEVER allow him to take the lead in the Republican Party. It was Boehner who kicked out anyone who supported his father from every financial committee. He also refused to allow his father’s name to even be nominated at the Republican Convention. This guy is ABSOLUTE pure EVIL in spades. People do not know what throats he cuts behind the scenes.

Rand Paul stands ZERO chance of getting the Republican nomination. He should be realistic and take up a Third Party Libertarian spot. He just may find there is a huge split in the Republicans who will follow. Then we can feel confident in knowing that he did not have to make so many deals, or kiss so much ass to get the nomination. No less accept buckets of money from NY banks to screw the world at large.

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