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Seattle: You Get What You Vote For

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Jesse Watters of Fox recently took to the streets of Seattle to see how residents were handling the drastic spike in crime. The replies are far from what one would expect and are indicative of the two Americas. Polarized ideologies have drifted so far to the left or right that people are living in different realities.

Violent crime is up 25%, but the residents interviewed say they feel safe. “Crime is a social issue that could be solved by giving people their basic needs,” one woman stated. Nearly everyone interviewed said they supported defunding the police. Doing so has had a direct impact on rising crime, but they do not seem bothered. One woman said there are better ways to spend money, while others said the pandemic was still their main fear.

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Seattle police are unable to peruse criminals. There is nothing deterring people from committing crimes. Those interviewed said they do not believe the police should chase or arrest criminals. The general consensus is that crime should be ignored. When the reporter told a resident he saw people “shooting up” in broad daylight, she mocked him and asked if they were bothering him by using drugs out in the open. These liberals believe everyone should do as they please, even if that includes crime. You or I may be shocked and deem numerous store closings due to looting, upticks in homelessness, and violent crime unacceptable. Others do not feel this way because they believe individuals are not responsible for their actions.

Seattle is the fourth largest port in America and was once a major business hub. The city is now a hub for crime and disorder, but this is their version of “don’t tread on me” that the people voted to have. State politics are becoming more prominent than ever as America begins to divide. The left is OK with the government implementing COVID laws and woke policies. The right is OK with the police stepping up and arresting criminals. Both sides believe their versions of utopia create a safe haven.