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Revolution v Civil War

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Civil Unrest 2023

A revolution cannot be used interchangeably with “civil war.” For you see, a civil war occurs when the people are divided and fight one another; a revolution occurs when the people join forces and overthrow the government. As indicated in the Oxford dictionary:

Revolution – a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system

Civil War – a war between citizens of the same country

Politics has successfully divided the nation, and the pandemic exacerbated the differences between the left and right. They have attempted to divide us by class – the haves and have-nots. We have the welfare state on one side and a select few amassing the majority of the world’s wealth on the other. The 99% in the middle are now fighting against one another, with some pushing for socialism to ensure we are all financially equally. As the saying goes, “You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”


Women Trump Protest Wall


They have attempted to divide us through religion, as we even saw Soros-backed protestors entering churches during services. Traditional values have been demonized by the left, who believes those wishing to preserve their way of life are outdated. The nuclear family, pillar to any religion and society as a whole, has been destroyed. Monogamy has fallen out of popularity and birth rates continually decline. People on the far-right do not want abortion under any circumstance or same-sex marriage. The people on the far-left believe children should have the authority to change their gender, and there are hundreds of genders to choose from.


They have attempted to divide us through race. They implemented Critical Race Theory curriculum in the schools intended to create white guilt and anger among minorities. Kids don’t see race, but the schools ensure they do at a young age. Politicians on the left continually promise reparations, believing that people should pay for the misdoings of their ancestors even though only a tiny fraction of Americans had ancestors who owned slaves. The public school curriculum supports far-left ideologies and indoctrinates young minds to believe in a false reality.


We saw the rise of movements like Black Lives Matter, where it was permissible to burn down cities with no legal repercussions in the name of civil rights. Then we have a disproportionate of number of Blacks in our prisons due to laws that were intended to target them. We saw a rising wave of hate against Asians after China was blamed for spreading COVID to the world.

Speaking of COVID, the pandemic did more damage to divide our nation than anything in recent history. People were forcibly separated and forbid to socialize with their own families. Religion was not enough of an excuse to avoid the vaccine or attend religious services. Countless small businesses failed and people lost their jobs, contributing to the class warfare crisis. The unvaccinated were demonized as the biggest threat to the nation and there were calls for their extermination. Everyone was forced to choose a side amid the pandemic.

If the people were not divided, they would realize that government is pinning us against one another. The current administration took the Constitution and set it on fire. We are rapidly losing every single freedom from free speech, the right to bear arms, and even the most basic right to elect the people in positions of power who make decisions on our behalf. The government is the enemy – there will be a revolution once people realize their fellow neighbor is not the problem.

By the time we get to 2032, that will be the light at the end of the tunnel. Neither side will accept the results of the election if they bother to hold one at all. The USA will eventually break into three primary regions: 2) the South & Midwest Bible Belt will join together against, 2) the Northeast, and 3) the Pacific States will be their own la-la-land. The volatility will begin in 2024, but by 2032, the United States of America will be far from united.