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Part of Oregon Wishes to Join Idaho

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The “Greater Idaho” movement is gaining traction, with 12 counties now voting to secede Oregon to Idaho. This is precisely on target as the US is set to separate into individual states with their own governing bodies. State rights are how the nation was intended, but the politicians do not always represent the views of the people. Oregon has become increasingly liberal in recent years, legalizing drug use (including methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine), implementing light-on-crime policies, and far-left ideologies in schools and society in general. Oregon is the ninth most expensive state in the US and ranks 33rd in tax burdens despite not having a sales tax. Idaho, in comparison, has the 8th smallest tax burden and leans conservative.

Many may not know, but Oregon’s state lines were slightly adjusted 65 years ago in 1958. State lines may be redrawn with the approval of Congress and state legislatures. There was never a more vital need for state rights than now as two contradictory ideologies permeate America, eliminating what was once a united nation. Those supporting the Greater Idaho movement say that Oregon’s policies no longer represent their beliefs. “Idaho would have the satisfaction of freeing more than 380,000 rural Oregonians from woke progressive blue-state law,” the movement’s website states.

How does Idaho feel about this movement? The same way that people in Florida and Texas feel – do not move here if you’re going to continue to vote for the same policies that ruined your state. Some people truly do not realize that states vastly differ from one another due to political policies.

Another issue is that some of these counties are located in rural areas where jobs are scarce. “You look at the counties that we are proposing to add, they are through the roof. The average of those counties is 45% of those folks are on Medicaid,” Democrat Ilana Rubel said. “You look at the number on free and reduce lunch, in many of the cases its 95%, 100%. These are very, very low income counties folks.” I cannot confirm if her statistics are correct at this time, but yes, it is a problem.

This is a major issue as the east-west Oregon divide is reaching a breaking point. The people wishing to secede do not feel represented by their officials who are implementing increasingly extreme legislation. These movements will become prevalent across the US in the coming years. I say everyone who believes in the far-left ideology should head on over to a ruined blue state and live out their taxed, genderless, homeless, drug and crime-infested socialist version of utopia away from everyone else.