Obama refuses to Prosecute Hillary to Help Democrats

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Obama Change We Can Believe In

The reason we seriously need a new Constitutional Convention is because the current one has been reduced to a scrap paper. President Obama’s outrageous suggestion that mishandling classified documents in the case of Hillary Clinton is not necessarily a criminal offense only serves to illustrate that this is purely politics. Hillary belongs in jail and what she did was for personal gain whereas Obama calls Snowden a traitor for leaking documents that exposed government lies. He wants to imprison Snowden for life while excusing Hillary for a life of crime getting donations from foreign governments selling influence as Secretary of State. Obama’s intention to keep a prominent Democrat out of jail so the Democrats can win is a low-life corrupt act demonstrating it is who you know that counts and the rule of law means nothing. He is even seeking an 18% increase in pay TAX FREE for past presidents to enrich himself.

Hillary LaughingObama tries to justify not prosecuting Hillary pointing to the complexity of U.S. law regarding secrets. Neverthless, it has been his administration which has brought far more prosecutions for any disclosure of classified information under the Espionage Act of 1917 than all other presidencies combined. Obama is playing the political card knowing that the press will not expose the truth and a Democratic victory is far more important than the rule of law.

Even the Romans created the office of the Tribune who could bring any official to justice. We have the Inspector General which is mimicking the Roman Tribune, but it has no power to act independently and prosecute politicians which was the entire purpose of the Tribune. Without an independent Inspector General, which could indict even the President, we do not stand a chance of a fair and honest government that has the same standard for someone like Snowden and Hillary.

We need a Constitutional Convention to rewrite the Constitution. Of course, that would be a preventative measure reforming corrupt politics. Therefore, it will NEVER take place until we crash and burn. Then, and only then, is reform possible. The corruption is so prevalent, this reminds me of reaching the crossroads of Didius Julianus (193AD). The Praetorian Guard, or what we would call the Secret Service today, outright murdered the Emperor Pertinax (President) and the full corruption of Roman bureaucracy burst forth. After parading around with the head of Pertinax on a pole, the Guards withdrew to the safety of their camp. No clear heir was available so the Guards stationed heralds on the wall to announce openly that the office of Emperor was up for sale to the highest bidder.


Thus began perhaps the most scandalous affair in Roman history. The corruption had reached such open levels that the decline and fall of the Roman Empire began at this moment in time. There were two rival bidders who presented themselves – Titus Flavius Sulpicianus (father-in-law of Pertinax) and Marcus Didius Julianus. Didius’ bid was 25,000 sestertii per man, which was the high bid and he was duly declared Emperor.

Didius Julianus quickly found himself in serious trouble. The treasury had been depleted much more so than he had expected and he minted coins to pay for the bribe he promised reducing the weight and metal content. When the outrage of auction off the office of president (emperor) led to outright civil war, Julianus found himself deserted by the Praetorians who were not about to defend him against Roman legions marching against them that far outnumbered their ranks. This would be like the US Army march in to vanquish the tiny office of the Secret Service. There could be no match. Julianus was officially deposed by the Senate and sought refuge in his deserted palace as the Praetorians fled. Julianus was beheaded on June 1st/2nd, 193AD after a reign of only 66 days.

Have we reached our crossroads in open political corruption? Today, rejecting Trump because the elite do not like him and installing their own pick for the candidate who never ran would amount to the same auction process that Julianus won. Oh; how corruption repeats. Just change the names and time frame. It all becomes the same.