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MIT Abandons DEI Program

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We are equal in all ways besides talent. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced that it will end its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs because they simply do not work. Faculty at MIT will no longer be required to attend race-based training or be screened for such during the hiring process.

MIT President Dr. Sally Kornbluth explained the obvious – looking at race alone does not attract the top candidates. Instead, it skews scores in favor of race, gender, or sexual orientation and the most qualified candidates are often overlooked due to reverse racism and open discrimination that is permitted toward majority groups.

“My goals are to tap into the full scope of human talent, to bring the very best to MIT, and to make sure they thrive once here,” Kornbluth said. “We can build an inclusive environment in many ways, but compelled statements impinge on freedom of expression, and they don’t work.”


DEI is akin to Affirmative Action on steroids. It permits the open discrimination of White and Asian straight males, plain and simple. This is another reason why we are seeing an outlash across US universities over the Palestine-Israel conflict of which they have no core understanding.

Bill Ackman wrote a piece on X that explains the situation well:

“I came to learn that the root cause of antisemitism at Harvard was an ideology that had been promulgated on campus, an oppressor/oppressed framework, that provided the intellectual bulwark behind the protests, helping to generate anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate speech and harassment. Then I did more research. The more I learned, the more concerned I became, and the more ignorant I realized I had been about DEI, a powerful movement that has not only pervaded Harvard, but the educational system at large. I came to understand that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was not what I had naively thought these words meant.”

The schools, funded by the left, are training school faculty that the majority population is inherently bad and privileged. They pass that message down to the impressionable kids who either walk away with a sense of entitlement or a savior complex as if anyone cares when it actually comes to business. The most qualified and intelligent people will succeed in the real world. This is the entire issue with Critical Race Theory (CRT) as well since they are brainwashing children from the time they are five years old to believe their sex, gender, or skin color somehow puts them on a social caste system in America.


DEI operates on exclusivity and not inclusivity as it champions the notion of entitlement for a select few and is simply unethical. It has become a political weapon that the left will not allow to be questioned. If we want society to advance, we must accept that those who work hard and are born with natural talent and intelligence will excel. Identity politics use tools like DEI initiatives to divide the people when our neighbor is not the enemy.