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Migrants in Massachusetts Eat Better Than US Citizens

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The average American spends between $250 to $550 per month on groceries, while a family of four spends around $1,311.50 to $1,582.90 monthly. The average retiree on Social Security receives $1,767.03 monthly overall as of December 2023. Illegal migrants, who have never paid a penny into our tax system, are being provided with $1,984 in food alone per month.

That’s right, the state of Massachusetts is now spending $64 per day to feed each migrant. They are living in far better conditions in the migrant shelters than they were in their home nations. Their breakfasts costs around $16, lunch $17, and dinner an astounding $31. Most hardworking Americans cannot even afford to feed their families at this cost, but they’re expected to give a portion of their pay to feed the illegals.


These costs do not even cover shelter, healthcare, or other “free” services. There are 20,000 migrants in Massachusetts alone. State budgets are already beyond capacity and yet they are eagerly funding this calculated disaster as homeless citizens and veterans starve and freeze on our city streets.

Food contractors are also taking advantage of this opportunity. The state awarded Spinelli Ravioli $10 million in a six-month, no-bid contract to provide these luxury meals. The state was able to secure the funding by claiming they were in a state of emergency.

Now, this is just the budget to feed migrants in one state, but EVERY state is experiencing a serious crisis. The federal government continues to incentivize people to cross into the US. They are receiving the better life that was promised to them and are above the law. This simply cannot continue. The average American lives paycheck to paycheck but the government will attempt to squeeze more taxes out of every citizen until there is nothing left to give.