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Hillary – The Corruption Never Ends

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More and more details keep surfacing about the corruption of the Clintons. The biggest contributors to Hillary are Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Citibank. After all, it was the Clintons who repealed Glass-Steagall, enabling transactional banking that is destroying the world economy.

The view of Hillary from outside the USA is much more critical than the press in the USA, who want her regardless of how much she pockets or helps the banks against the people to line their pockets. The Daily Mail in Britain is reporting that the overlap between the donors to the “Clinton Foundation” and the countries Hillary dealt with as Secretary of State is by no means coincidental. No doubt, she erased her emails to cover up these type of deals.

This is the peak in government corruption for 2015.75. Will the confidence in government just meltdown in time for the 2016 election? This is possible with the collapse in liquidity, for when the markets turn down, they should move more in a flash-crash formation when it comes to debt. Running to the private sector may be the only security we have left.