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Hillary is Really Corrupt

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Hillary - Raji

When Hillary was the Secretary of State, she refused to appoint an Inspector General to monitor her department. It was clear that she did not want anyone snooping around so she could hide her private emails and greed. She even sold positions on the International Security Advisory Board. Commodities trader Raj Fernando “bought” his appointment to a top-secret nuclear weapons security advisory board with no such experience. ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross broke the story after linking Mr. Fernando’s appointment to the prestigious International Security Advisory Board in 2009 based on his donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Recently released emails, acquired by Citizens United through the Freedom of Information Act, show that career department officials questioned Fernando’s appointment because he had no national security experience. Still, other emails show that Hillary and her Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills bypassed the normal nomination process to put Mr. Fernando on the board. This is outright treason, and Obama is clearly in on this conspiracy by refusing to indict Hillary simply because she is the Democratic candidate.