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NYC Mayor Proposes Solution for Lifeguard Shortage

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The Democrats are looking for any possible way to expedite the immigration process for future blue voters. Eric Adams flops between crying to Washington for forcing the migrant crisis upon his sanctuary city and looking for ways to support its agenda. Since Democrats cannot be racist, Eric Adams offered a newly proposed solution for New York’s lifeguard short–migrants, who are “excellent swimmers.”

If Trump or any Republican made this statement, it would be blasted on the front page of every paper throughout the country. He’d be forced to make a public apology.

“How do we have a large body of people that are in our city, in our country, that are excellent swimmers and at the same time we need lifeguards — and the only obstacle is that we won’t give them the right to work to become a lifeguard,” the mayor said.

A spokesperson for the mayor clarified that it is impossible for a Democrat to be racist. “With more than 197,000 migrants who have come through our care since the spring of 2022, Mayor Adams has been clear that there is nothing more un-American than not allowing someone to work,” the spokesperson stated. “Anyone who is trying to make more out of the mayor continuing to make that point (Tuesday) is missing the forest for the trees.”

Adams said the bureaucracy is “in the way, ” preventing migrants from taking on jobs. The “bureaucracy” or in other words immigration papers to provide fast-tracked immigration status to unvetted illegal migrants who came to America from throughout the world. “If we had a plan that said, ‘If there was a shortage of food service workers and those who fit that criteria, we’re going to expedite you; if you have experience that you are a nurse and we have a nursing shortage, we would expedite you,’” Adams also stated.

As of April 2024, there were 6.5 million unemployed Americans, with the unemployment rate hovering around 3.9%. The left’s previous claims were that skilled labor was essential to import. The United States is facing a shortage of doctors, pilots, engineers, and other roles that require higher education.

America does not need to import millions of people to fill unskilled labor roles.