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Boehner To Lose Control of Congress?

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John Boehner has been the most ruthless Speaker of the House perhaps since Henry Clay. He is notorious for targeting people within the Republican Party who do not do as he commands. Now, with the debt ceiling issue coming back for September 30, Boehner has no trust and even those closest to him are having doubts that he will sustain a vote for the Speaker of the House come the autumn.

His personal retaliation against anyone who supported Ron Paul was disgraceful and highly anti-democratic.He has demanded that Republicans vote according to what he commands – not what the people who elected them want. Everywhere we turn, the foundation of democracy has been undermined and transformed into a dictatorship.

Even in Europe, the three members of the Troika are non-elected; they were appointed by other politicians so that Europeans have no means to actually take back the government of Europe from the bureaucratic establishment. Boehner is merely a sign of the times and his fall will be even more of a confirmation that this is the peak in establishment government.