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Boehner, Mr. Government – Anti “We The People”

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John Boehner is by far the most ruthless head of the Republican Party perhaps in history. He runs the Hill as Speaker in full dictator mode. The effort to actually punish Republicans, such as North Carolina’s Mark Meadows for voting against Boehner, is really unprecedented. Boehner previously retaliated and removed several people from chairmanships in any finance related committee who supported Ron Paul. He has actually waged open war trying to raise money separately to target members who disagree with him during the election process.

Jones Walter

One such person is Walter Beaman Jones, Jr., a Republican from South Carolina. Boehner removed him from the House Banking Committee for supporting Ron Paul, then Boehner engaged twice in supporting challenges to get Jones out of Congress for actually representing the people in his district rather than goose-stepping to Boehner’s demands. Boehner is so pro-government and against the people of the United States. He was even invited on Air Force One with Obama – his good buddy. Boehner has supported Obama even when Democrats have not, as in the Trade Deal.

John Boehner is indeed the most ruthless Speaker of the House since the days of Andrew Jackson. His underhanded dealings on the Hill are more than likely going to result in the SPLIT of the Republican Party for 2016. This is the guy on the Republican side of the aisle, whom is the harbinger of destruction of the United States. He does not believe in anything that remotely speaks of WE THE PEOPLE”, but “WE THE GOVERNMENT”.