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Americans Lost Hope in the Democratic Party

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Every facet of life has become more expensive. Regardless of your net worth, chances are you are feeling the effects of inflation. According to a new ABC News poll, 94% of Americans stated they are “concerned” or “upset” about inflation. They likely would have chose other descriptors if available. Around half said they were “concerned but not upset,” as if this was not an entirely preventable situation.

They then went on to ask respondents about their views on Biden, and 52% said they disapproved. Only 21% “strongly approve” of Biden’s work – why?

Well, 51% who approved support the endless COVID restrictions. This is the group that voted for Biden out of their hatred for Trump and will likely vote again out of fear. Regardless of party affiliation, most Americans disagreed with Biden on absolutely every other issue. Around 57% see that his administration is hurting the US economy, and 68% now understand that Biden has not done enough to control inflation. As much as they would like the term “Putin’s price hike” to stick, most of us know the truth.

Half of Americans stated they trust the Republicans to tackle key issues, compared to 36% who still trust the Democrats. Only 31% believe the Democrats can handle inflation, while 50% have hope in the Republicans. Americans seem to favor the Republicans on every issue, such as inflation, immigration, crime, and the war in Ukraine. There are many indicators for what to expect during the 2022 US midterm elections.